As a believer in the art of fashion and self expression I have always found myself drawn to filling my wardrobe with a variety of pieces so that no matter my mood, there is always something to wear. It became a source of comfort to go thrifting and find a new treasure to add to my wardrobe, and it was a solution to my restlessness that came on mornings I couldn’t decide what to wear. Then came the year of moving where I hopped between 5-6 different homes in a matter of months, and I really began taking a hard look at the boxes and suitcases of clothes I was lugging around from place to place. Were they really all necessary? Simply put…Nope.

My shoe collection was the first to get whittled down, then my purses, and now slowly my clothes. It’s a long process that usually starts with the idea that I no longer need a piece, followed by it’s removal from my closet 6 months later. Drawn out and unnecessary? Maybe, but this way I have no regrets and the pieces that stay behind have given me a clear look at my sense of style.

And what is that sense of style? For now I’m leaning towards minimalist. Fewer pieces that can be worn a multitude of ways so that the hardest part of my day is not thinking ‘what am I going to where?’

This minimalist journey has piqued my interest in the concept of a capsule wardrobe (5-10 pieces that can be worn multiple ways). Today I stumbled upon a kickstarter project where the capsule wardrobe has been created for you using five garments (responsibly made in the USA) that can create 30 outfits. Impossible? Not according to Vetta Capsule


Now I’m not ready to cleanse my entire wardrobe and adopt the five piece mantra, but Vetta Capsule does give me some wardrobe inspiration to keep in mind when I hit the 6 month cleanse point in my wardrobe cleaning cycle.

Thoughts and opinions…please share below!





Some days I’m climbing ladders and making beds, while others I’m styling and collaborating with members in the community. Just a day in the life of a visual merchandiser one might say. Enjoy a sneak peak of this Urban Reception photo shoot I had the privilege of styling a few weeks ago (credits at the end).


Styling & Tableware: West Elm Virginia Beach

Florals: Roost Flowers

Menus: PaperDolls Design

Location: Commune

while the images above were taken by me, professional photography was provided by      Sarah Street Photography 


Hello There 2016

The words are evading me right now so I’m going to keep it simple. 2015 was a whirlwind. 2016 I’m not sure I’m ready for you, but when has that ever stopped me before?

Stay Tuned…

No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be this Way…

So as every 1980-1990s baby knows the complete collection of Friends is now on Netflix for your binge watching pleasure. Plans have been rearranged, popcorn has been popped, and some of the most dedicated fans probably already have a few seasons under their belt…talk about a great start to 2015! Being born in 1990 I sadly missed the early years of Friends, but as I started watching it the other day I was in shock at how much those early years are very much my years now. I’m in my mid 20s trying to figure out life with my friends, and wait a second, I may just be doing it in the same jeans as Monica and Rachel–talk about history repeating itself!

Screenshot 2015-01-05 11.25.40

Now enough about my current 1990’s jean obsession and onto bigger things like the entirety of my early 1990’s fashion obsession! I picked some of my favorite looks from the first few shows to share with you all, compliments of some Netflix screenshots (don’t ever let someone tell binge watching can’t be productive)!

First Episode = First Look…Why suspenders and linen pants have not been brought back I do not know

Screenshot 2015-01-05 11.28.36

Don’t get in between Monica and a turkey and please remember basics are never overrated

Screenshot 2015-01-05 11.30.42

Stunning in silver and a halter neckline of decades past that really should be brought back considering the wonders it does for shoulders. Also that necklace was the perfect choice…am i right?

Screenshot 2015-01-05 11.22.57

Well at some point I have to cut this short so I think that dress really ends the post nicely! If you are loving the fashions on Friends as much as me, click the Tapestry Vintage link at the top of the page to find some 1990’s pieces in my Etsy shop that will certainly satisfy your 90’s fashion craving. Till next time!

‘Tis the Season to Shop Small!

We’re two days and a big turkey dinner away from one of the biggest shopping days of the year, and for many the start of their Christmas shopping. This year I challenge you to stay away from the big box retailers and support your local stores as well as small businesses like the ones you find on Etsy! The prices may not be as low, but when you shop small you’re supporting local community growth, a college students ‘pay off my loans’ fund, a mother’s vacation fund, and/or an entrepreneur’s dream to make a difference. Here’s some great gifts I found on Etsy (a mix of fashion and non-fashion), and the best part is they’re all under $50…good luck shopping!

Geometric Linen Fold Over Zipper Clutch – $22

Geometric Watercolor Feather Painting – $40

Men’s Handmade & Personalized Leather Shave Bag – $38

Metallic Jewelry Temporary Tattoos – $20/45 tattoos

Mini DIY Farm Cheese Kit – $10

**Just click on the images to be brought to their Etsy page!**

Here Comes the Snow

Here in Buffalo we’re being graced with our first consistent snow of the season. I’d like to oh and ah at how pretty it is but all I can think about is how I will have to pack up all my boots to save them from the horror that is salt lines. That being said salt and snow does not mean all cute shoes must be packed away. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite winter boots I’ve been eyeing this season, because winter does not mean you sacrifice fashion, you just have to be a little more practical about it!

Signature Women’s L.L.Bean Boot, Shearling-Lined – $299

For the ladies who refuse to let a foot of snow slow them down

Women’s Tumbled-Leather L.L.Bean Boots, 8″ Shearling-Lined – $199  

A classic style with the added touch of shearling. Sure to keep your toes warm and your outfits on point.


A little heel and buckle detail make these boots completely acceptable to wear out, because frost bite shouldn’t be what’s ending your night early.

Northface Bridgeton Boots- $190

To everyone else these are another pair of cute riding boots. To your feet they’re little slices of waterproof and insulated heaven.

Khombu Loon Boots – $69

The perfect boot for boyfriend jeans and those slush puddles that turn out to be a little deeper than expected.

For more information on these boots just click the photos, and don’t forget that with the shorter boots you may want to grab some wool socks that peek out at the top for a cozy, layered look!