After weeks of buying trips, photo shoots, and scouring every article on Etsy I could find my shop is finally open! My goal with this vintage store is to provide unique selection of handpicked vintage clothing and accessories to women at an affordable price. Each piece is sourced by me and If I can’t style it then I can guarantee I won’t sell it!

I want to give a huge thank you to my friend Breanna Busch who has provided me with all my graphics as well as all the family and friends who have kept up with/shared my posts. This launch would not have been possible without your support and talent!

Finally keep an eye on the vintage tab in the top right of my page. Every listing that goes up on Etsy will be appearing there to with a link directly to the item!

Now enough of my babbling click here to see the store,and follow that up by connecting to the store on Instagram @tapestry.vintage and Twitter @tapestryvtg!

“During one of these planning sessions I fell upon the name Tapestry circa Carol King’s song in the 70s. In the song a tapestry is a metaphor for a life well lived; each thread and color woven representing a point in one’s life. I realized that song represented exactly how I feel about vintage clothing. Each piece comes with a history from it’s past owner and it’s history continues when it enters another closet, or should I say tapestry.”


Inspiration Point

This week has been dedicated to taking photos and getting ready to launch my vintage clothing Etsy store meaning this blog has taken a back seat, but no worries I have a DIY project in the works that I’m really excited to share with you guys soon! Until then I thought I’d share three Youtube Channels that keep me inspired and have provided a much needed break from the steaming, measuring, and photo snapping this week.

Jenn Im is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle vlogger I started following about a year ago. What really pulled me into her channel was how articulate she was, not to mention her sense of style is very unique. Recently she teamed up with Refinery29 to create a series where she raids her friends closets called ‘Hangtime with Jenn Im’ which is the video I linked too. Be sure to check out her Youtube channel too!

Around the same time I disovered Jenn Im I also stumbled upon the channel Fashion Citizen run by sisters from Arizona. When I started watching their main focus seemed to be thrifting and now their channel has expanded to beauty and lifestyle too. I personally don’t strongly identify with either of the girls’ styles, but I do identify with the love of thrifting and refashioning the old into new.

This last video is part of a series called ‘House of Style’ produced by MTV. I learned about it from the ladies at Fashion Citizen and I think I watched all the videos in season 2 in one sitting. This series takes you into the world of high fashion and celebrity styling, but on a more personal level where you actually get to see why the celebrities are passionate about fashion. So far my favorite videos in this series are when Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora take you behind the scenes of the music video Black Widow, and Jennifer Lopez’s interview about her connection to Versace.

Where do you find fashion inspiration? Youtube, blogs, magazines? Let me know in the comments below!

The Circle of Fashion

In 1990 my mother was pregnant with me and found a top in a local boutique that was large enough to fit over her pregnant belly. In the late 90s that top was tucked away in my dress up chest where it only came out when I was imagining being a princess in a far away land. Around three years ago on a break from college I discovered the top in my dress up chest and immediately toted it back to NYC to incorporate into my wardrobe. Just last week I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw the top recreated by designer Cynthia Rowley–here take a look:

From the 90s. Inspired by the 70s. Styled in the 21st Century.

Seeing my top in dress form brought me back to the early 1970s when women were still baring their legs in mini shift dresses (think Meghan Draper in Mad Men). My top is just a few inches short to pull off as a dress but the colors and pattern are very reminiscent of the same era making this a multi-generational piece and just a small part of why I will always love vintage clothing!

On the note of vintage I wanted to share that I’m gearing up to launch my etsy store with in the week! To keep updated click here to follow my vintage clothing & accessories Instagram…Stay tuned!

Menswear Monday: Fall Basics

The decade of one’s 20s is a transitional period that starts in post college discovery and ends with full fledged adulthood (or at least I like to think I will have adulthood figured out by then). Often during this period of time you’re just making educated guesses about the next step–trying to find the balance between your carefree pre-20’s years, and responsible post 20’s years. For me a big way I have found balance is in my personal style. As each year passes I come closer to developing a style and color palette that suits the future adult me. Essentially my thought process with this is ‘yes; I don’t quite have my life figured out, but gosh darn it I’m going to have a wardrobe that says otherwise.’

With that being said I think men in this transitional period often find themselves at a lost as they are thrown from college days of sweats and t-shirts to a professional world of suits and ties, leaving them a very grey in between area. For the men in this stage I’d like to share some key fall wardrobe pieces and introduce you to the magic of layering aka ‘adult fashion.’

To begin let’s start with one of my favorite pieces on a man: A Collared Sweater

Toggle Shawl-Collar Pullover | Banana Republic

Now to be honest I can’t quite pin point what it is about a collared sweater that makes it stand out from the rest. I could make things up like it frames the face and emphasizes the jaw line, but what it boils down to is that I just find this style aesthetically pleasing on a man. Pair with a crew neck tee (solid color not from a Hanes’ 5-pack) or a button down as shown in the photo and instantly look like you’re one step closer to having it all figured out–I promise.

Up next: Slim Cut Jeans

Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans

Newsflash: the days of baggy pants are officially in the past and should never resurface no matter what comes upon the runway. A slim cut jean lengthens your legs and creates a clean cut silhouette where as baggy pants do little more than make it appear as if you just jumped out of bed. Now to clarify slim cut does not mean skinny–men you’re all different shapes just like women so I suggest going to a store and trying on different slim cut jeans to see what works best for you. I personally recommend a dark wash with no fading or distress marks for going out, family functions, and casual Friday then a light wash for a weekend/rugged look.

Then some: Slim Cut Chinos

H&M’s Slim Fit Chinos

While denim is both comfortable and versatile I highly recommend that all men invest in a pair of slim cut chinos to mix into their daily wardrobe. No longer are chinos synonymous with a light beige color meaning they can be worn out of the office place without seeming too soccer dad-ish. Grey, navy, and brown are all versatile colors that can be dressed up or down–just make sure that when you wear them they aren’t overly wrinkled.

Not to be forgotten: V-Neck Sweater

Modern Ribbed Italian Wool Vee Pullover | Banana Republic

A classic style that will never lead you wrong is a v-neck (or crew neck) pullover sweater. The key to making this style suit your impending adulthood is layering it. Wear over your favorite plaid button down, a dress shirt and tie, or a good quality basic tee. Layering may seem ridiculous, but adding that extra piece shows you put effort into your appearance which indicates to others (bosses, future employers, etc) that there is a good chance you put equal effort into other aspects of your life like work.

Last but not least: Lace Up Boot

LL Bean Signature Suede Utility Boot

I must admit that men really did get the short end of the stick when it comes to variety of footwear available; however, that does not mean that they should settle on sneakers and dress shoes. Recently a variety of boot styles have come onto the market that pair easily with denim and chinos making them an ideal casual shoe for men. Invest in a quality leather pair and they will last you many years to come.

On a final note I’d like to briefly touch on the final piece of clarifying the grey area of men’s adult hood transition fashion which is basics. In the past you might have gotten away with buying tee’s in 5 packs from Target and using college t-shirts as your basics; however, as an almost adult I suggest delving into basics that come outside of a plastic bag. A good affordable starting point is H&M’s basic section where I recommend balancing crew and v-necks with some Henley styles–variety is the spice of life they say.

Any questions? Feel free to comment below and I’ll help the best I can–now get styling men!


A Gypsy & A Witch

As the premier of “American Horror Story: Freak Show” draws near I’ve been reminiscent about the past few seasons. While each season brings a sense of fear and intrigue, last seasons “Coven” also brought a sense of style unlike any other show that’s been on my radar. The character that really stood out in my mind was Misty Day aka Stevie Nicks long lost soul sister.

misty misty day hat

Misty’s style was part gypsy, woodland nymph, and witch all wrapped together in a dramatic shawl. What’s there not to love? She took a bohemian base of loose, earth toned clothing and transformed it with vibrant shawls, corsets, and gypsy inspired accessories. Each outfit Misty Day appeared in I wanted, but since I’m not a witch I realized this look may be a little much for me. A year later I finally found the perfect adaption of this gypsy witch:

Misty Day Inspired - 9.30.14
Misty Day Inspired – 9.30.14

My take keeps the gypsy alive with the addition of a vintage shawl I dug out of my dress up chest. To keep the look grounded in the 21st century I wrapped the shawl over a jersey maxi dress and accessorized with a vintage choker and spoon necklace. I knew I’d gotten the look right when I threw on some Fleetwood Mac and the urge to twirl could not be resisted.

Outfit Credits

Dress: Target, Boots: Betsey Johnson (Marshalls), Shawl & Accessories: Vintage


Trend Alert: The Choker

So if you are a girl whose pre-teen to teenage years fell between 1998-2000 I’m almost positive you owned a choker that most likely was made of nylon, came from a vending machine (those little plastic bubble with a surprise in side kind), or a gift bag from a party. Doesn’t sound familiar? Maybe this photo will jog your memory:

The Iconic Tattoo Choker Circa 1998

Well as much as I loved those necklaces back in my pre-teen years I must admit I was a bit flabbergasted when I saw fashion bloggers bringing them back. I’m all for nostalgia, but this little piece of nylon is something I think we can leave in the past along with stirrup leggings, and my corduroy overalls.

So what is a fashionista to do when she sees a trend that makes her cringe? Find something shinier of course! Here take a look:

It just so happened that as magazines and bloggers started to report trends of chokers I was stumbling upon a wide array on my thrifting travels, each one different from the next. My choker collection all started with the ‘Geo Turquoise’ Forever 21 piece and quickly grew as I hit up garage sales and flea markets. So far my favorite find is the ‘Starburst’ piece because of how it lays perfectly over my collar bone. Now I haven’t abandoned my long chains, but I find the choker is a great way to add definition to your neck, bring attention to your beautiful face, and can easily be layered with long chain necklaces. So go ahead, reminisce about your younger days and realize how far you’ve come with this nostalgic trend!

Favorite Fall Fashions

The leaves are changing, nights are getting colder, and my sweater box is begging to be pulled out of storage so clearly it must be Fall! As sad as it is to see beach and sandal weather go away, there is something so comforting about the crisp smell of a fall day and the flannels and sweaters that go along with the colder temperatures. For me fall is about layering and taking a cue from mother nature’s beauty when choosing colors, so naturally I felt the best way to showcase my fall favorites was in the source of inspiration with an outdoor photo shoot…

wpid-20140916_132424.jpg wpid-scarves.jpg  HATS & SCARVES

The beauty of accessories is that they can take a drab outfit and instantly give it more depth and style elevation. All three of my hats are felted fedoras; the top is from Urban Outfitters and the bottom two are vintage finds. They go with just about everything and since fall weather hit I’m fairly positive I’ve worn a hat more than I haven’t worn a hat putting them at the top of my fall favorite list! Scarves are also a go to outfit add-on mainly because they’re so versatile. The vintage print scarves on the far left and second from the right have been worn as a head scarf, belt, bandanna, and top! In addition to being fashionable they also provide warmth. Pretty and useful…how could I stay away?



I’ve featured these two darlings in many an Outfit of the Day post and I assure you they will keep popping up until we hit the months of November-March aka boot torturing season (snow and salt are not leather’s mortal enemy). What I love about a bootie is that they give me the extra 2-3″ in height I’ve always wanted with no pain and I could still run a mile in them no problem. I own a couple more pairs but these two are my favorite because they’re basic brown and black and go with anything.

wpid-20140916_131122.jpg wpid-20140916_131936.jpg PONCHOS & DENIM JACKETS

The first day I saw the temperature was in the 60s I pulled out the ponchos from the back of my closet and did a happy dance and I have no shame in admitting this. Now let me be clear these ponchos are not sweater substitutes–this is not the early 2000s! I strictly put ponchos in the outerwear category and find the are the perfect layering piece which brings me to my next favorite: Denim Jackets. My fail safe fashion rule when wearing a dress, skirt, or non blue jean bottoms is grab a denim jacket. Now this may not work for everyone, but my style is very rustic boho so denim jackets are appropriate for most of my outfits. In the fall a denim (or leather) jacket doesn’t always do the trick and that’s where the ponchos come in. Adding a poncho over a jacket means your mixing texture, color, and style which adds depth and intrigue to any outfit.


And to end this fall favorites segment here’s three favorites in one. Fall perfection if I do say so myself!

Accentuate the Positives

So the colder weather has had me glued to Netflix a little more than usual lately, and I’ve been binge watching ‘What Not to Wear’ like it’s my job. This makeover show has always held my attention more than others because Stacey and Clinton make it their job to help women throw away their old perceptions of themselves ,and realize their beauty inside and out. They’re sarcastic and have no filter but at the end of the show the woman always leave realizing fashion is there to showcase your inner beauty just as much as your outer beauty–it’s all about learning how to do that.

With that being said one of the golden rules they preach is to always emphasize the smallest part of your waist, whether it’s right under your bust or at your belly button. By emphasizing this part of your body you do a few things: highlight the curves you didn’t even know you had, elongate your legs making you seem taller, and add structure to an outfit to avoid the ‘mumu’ effect.

So how does one emphasize one’s waist? Add some pep, wrap it up, and belt it! And if that isn’t explanation enough I’ll throw in some pictures for good measure.

Add Some Pep


When I say pep I actually am referring to the curve accentuating style known as Peplum: a cropped over-skirt extending from a waist seam on a top, skirt, or dress. The beauty of the Peplum style is that the waist seam generally falls around the smallest part of your waist and the accompanying over skirt falls out giving the illusion that your hips are curving out. That illusion right there is one of an hour glass and as you can see in the photo above it elongates your legs and makes the boxiest of figures shapely. So by all means ladies…go get some pep!

Wrap It Up

wrap dress

Wrapping is no longer an activity you only save for Christmas and birthdays when you adopt the timeless style of a wrap dress made popular by Diane Von Fürstenberg. This style is flattering on almost any frame because the combination of a v-neckline and wrap around closure bring all attention to your waist. The model in the photo most likely is smallest right under her bust, and by wrapping the dress at this point she has succeeded in creating an hour glass figure. Once again by emphasizing the smallest part of the waist a woman’s legs can grow five inches and her curves reveal themselves–the effect is almost better than opening presents Christmas morning.

Belt It


Finally there is the straight forward and effective technique of grabbing a belt and creating the waist definition your top just doesn’t. Adding a belt works for over-sized and form fitting tops depending on the look you’re going for. Today I decided to pair a denim shirt with a pencil skirt, but at first glance something was off so I added a belt. The belt immediately gave me a waistline and created a Peplum effect with the top. The pencil skirt, which looked like a rectangle on my athletic frame, all of sudden seemed to be following the curve of my hips shown off by the flare of the shirt–a miracle! A belt with a form fitting dress would also serve the same purpose of emphasizing the waist, and for good measure you may want to add a Peplum blazer just for the curve of it all.

So next time you’re out shopping grab some of these styles then go look in the mirror and see how gorgeous you are! It might take a bunch of no’s before you find a yes, but persevere! When you accentuate the positives with these styles you’ll find your list of negatives is non-existent letting you focus on other things like ruling the world…you go girl!


Recently a friend bought a new pair of booties, but was at a lost on how to style them so she asked for my help. Booties are my go to shoe so I styled them with three different bottoms to show that they are both chic and versatile.

                                      paisley bootie cheetahbf prairie bootie

For the first look I paired a suede, western inspired booty with some skinny jeans, and an over-sized button down.  When wearing booties and jeans I always cuff the jeans so the bottom of the cuff meets the top of the bootie. By doing this I get rid of any bunching around the ankles, and I showcase the bootie! I chose a skinnier cuff so as not to overwhelm the buckle detail on the bootie; however, with a plain bootie a wider cuff could work. Here’s a closer look:

country booties

For the next look I grabbed my favorite pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and paired them with a flat, leopard print bootie. Boyfriend jeans and booties should always be best friends because booties take the jeans from grunge to edgy in an instant. As you can see I used a wider cuff that sets on top of the bootie, but if you have a wider leg opening you could easily cuff the jean so it still covers the top of the bootie. Here’s a closer look:

cheetah booties

The final look shows the versatility of booties and how they can easily be worn with a skirt or a dress. What I love about this look is juxtaposition of the rocker-esque boots and feminine skirt. By pairing booties with a skirt or dress you can completely change the mood of your outfit, not to mention the heel on the boots elongates your legs! This look also helps transition your beloved summer dresses into fall staples with the additional help of a jacket, scarf, or tights.

skirt boots

As fall weather creeps up on us I encourage you to pull out your booties or invest in a quality leather pair and start pairing them with different outfits in your closet. Try cuffing your jeans different ways, dressing them up or down, and even pairing them with your favorite comfy leggings and sweater look to see how they quickly turn comfy to fashionably disheveled. And if you find yourself getting addicted and buying multiple pairs don’t worry…it’s in the name of fashion!