As a believer in the art of fashion and self expression I have always found myself drawn to filling my wardrobe with a variety of pieces so that no matter my mood, there is always something to wear. It became a source of comfort to go thrifting and find a new treasure to add to my wardrobe, and it was a solution to my restlessness that came on mornings I couldn’t decide what to wear. Then came the year of moving where I hopped between 5-6 different homes in a matter of months, and I really began taking a hard look at the boxes and suitcases of clothes I was lugging around from place to place. Were they really all necessary? Simply put…Nope.

My shoe collection was the first to get whittled down, then my purses, and now slowly my clothes. It’s a long process that usually starts with the idea that I no longer need a piece, followed by it’s removal from my closet 6 months later. Drawn out and unnecessary? Maybe, but this way I have no regrets and the pieces that stay behind have given me a clear look at my sense of style.

And what is that sense of style? For now I’m leaning towards minimalist. Fewer pieces that can be worn a multitude of ways so that the hardest part of my day is not thinking ‘what am I going to where?’

This minimalist journey has piqued my interest in the concept of a capsule wardrobe (5-10 pieces that can be worn multiple ways). Today I stumbled upon a kickstarter project where the capsule wardrobe has been created for you using five garments (responsibly made in the USA) that can create 30 outfits. Impossible? Not according to Vetta Capsule


Now I’m not ready to cleanse my entire wardrobe and adopt the five piece mantra, but Vetta Capsule does give me some wardrobe inspiration to keep in mind when I hit the 6 month cleanse point in my wardrobe cleaning cycle.

Thoughts and opinions…please share below!




One thought on “Five

  1. At first when I watched the Vetta Capsule video I thought “Where is the individuality?” Until I realized they had not accessorized. Accessories are often the most important aspect of interior design & fashion individuality. Vetta presents the solid backdrop, blank canvas or neutral wall color to highlight that smaller treasured accessory against. I get it and feel inspired! I like your idea to experiment creating a Vetta Capsule 5 piece within your own wardrobe…well I may do it with 10 pieces and have fun adding accessories (not shoes though, take up too much room and money). Thanks for the inspiration to live wardrobe smaller and make the morning rush smoother.


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