After weeks of buying trips, photo shoots, and scouring every article on Etsy I could find my shop is finally open! My goal with this vintage store is to provide unique selection of handpicked vintage clothing and accessories to women at an affordable price. Each piece is sourced by me and If I can’t style it then I can guarantee I won’t sell it!

I want to give a huge thank you to my friend Breanna Busch who has provided me with all my graphics as well as all the family and friends who have kept up with/shared my posts. This launch would not have been possible without your support and talent!

Finally keep an eye on the vintage tab in the top right of my page. Every listing that goes up on Etsy will be appearing there to with a link directly to the item!

Now enough of my babbling click here to see the store,and follow that up by connecting to the store on Instagram @tapestry.vintage and Twitter @tapestryvtg!

“During one of these planning sessions I fell upon the name Tapestry circa Carol King’s song in the 70s. In the song a tapestry is a metaphor for a life well lived; each thread and color woven representing a point in one’s life. I realized that song represented exactly how I feel about vintage clothing. Each piece comes with a history from it’s past owner and it’s history continues when it enters another closet, or should I say tapestry.”


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