The Circle of Fashion

In 1990 my mother was pregnant with me and found a top in a local boutique that was large enough to fit over her pregnant belly. In the late 90s that top was tucked away in my dress up chest where it only came out when I was imagining being a princess in a far away land. Around three years ago on a break from college I discovered the top in my dress up chest and immediately toted it back to NYC to incorporate into my wardrobe. Just last week I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw the top recreated by designer Cynthia Rowley–here take a look:

From the 90s. Inspired by the 70s. Styled in the 21st Century.

Seeing my top in dress form brought me back to the early 1970s when women were still baring their legs in mini shift dresses (think Meghan Draper in Mad Men). My top is just a few inches short to pull off as a dress but the colors and pattern are very reminiscent of the same era making this a multi-generational piece and just a small part of why I will always love vintage clothing!

On the note of vintage I wanted to share that I’m gearing up to launch my etsy store with in the week! To keep updated click here to follow my vintage clothing & accessories Instagram…Stay tuned!


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