Trend Alert: The Choker

So if you are a girl whose pre-teen to teenage years fell between 1998-2000 I’m almost positive you owned a choker that most likely was made of nylon, came from a vending machine (those little plastic bubble with a surprise in side kind), or a gift bag from a party. Doesn’t sound familiar? Maybe this photo will jog your memory:

The Iconic Tattoo Choker Circa 1998

Well as much as I loved those necklaces back in my pre-teen years I must admit I was a bit flabbergasted when I saw fashion bloggers bringing them back. I’m all for nostalgia, but this little piece of nylon is something I think we can leave in the past along with stirrup leggings, and my corduroy overalls.

So what is a fashionista to do when she sees a trend that makes her cringe? Find something shinier of course! Here take a look:

It just so happened that as magazines and bloggers started to report trends of chokers I was stumbling upon a wide array on my thrifting travels, each one different from the next. My choker collection all started with the ‘Geo Turquoise’ Forever 21 piece and quickly grew as I hit up garage sales and flea markets. So far my favorite find is the ‘Starburst’ piece because of how it lays perfectly over my collar bone. Now I haven’t abandoned my long chains, but I find the choker is a great way to add definition to your neck, bring attention to your beautiful face, and can easily be layered with long chain necklaces. So go ahead, reminisce about your younger days and realize how far you’ve come with this nostalgic trend!


One thought on “Trend Alert: The Choker

  1. Neckline necklaces are the new choker…I love that! Beautiful pieces you own too. I get what you mean about a comfortable fit over your collarbone.


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