Favorite Fall Fashions

The leaves are changing, nights are getting colder, and my sweater box is begging to be pulled out of storage so clearly it must be Fall! As sad as it is to see beach and sandal weather go away, there is something so comforting about the crisp smell of a fall day and the flannels and sweaters that go along with the colder temperatures. For me fall is about layering and taking a cue from mother nature’s beauty when choosing colors, so naturally I felt the best way to showcase my fall favorites was in the source of inspiration with an outdoor photo shoot…

wpid-20140916_132424.jpg wpid-scarves.jpg  HATS & SCARVES

The beauty of accessories is that they can take a drab outfit and instantly give it more depth and style elevation. All three of my hats are felted fedoras; the top is from Urban Outfitters and the bottom two are vintage finds. They go with just about everything and since fall weather hit I’m fairly positive I’ve worn a hat more than I haven’t worn a hat putting them at the top of my fall favorite list! Scarves are also a go to outfit add-on mainly because they’re so versatile. The vintage print scarves on the far left and second from the right have been worn as a head scarf, belt, bandanna, and top! In addition to being fashionable they also provide warmth. Pretty and useful…how could I stay away?



I’ve featured these two darlings in many an Outfit of the Day post and I assure you they will keep popping up until we hit the months of November-March aka boot torturing season (snow and salt are not leather’s mortal enemy). What I love about a bootie is that they give me the extra 2-3″ in height I’ve always wanted with no pain and I could still run a mile in them no problem. I own a couple more pairs but these two are my favorite because they’re basic brown and black and go with anything.

wpid-20140916_131122.jpg wpid-20140916_131936.jpg PONCHOS & DENIM JACKETS

The first day I saw the temperature was in the 60s I pulled out the ponchos from the back of my closet and did a happy dance and I have no shame in admitting this. Now let me be clear these ponchos are not sweater substitutes–this is not the early 2000s! I strictly put ponchos in the outerwear category and find the are the perfect layering piece which brings me to my next favorite: Denim Jackets. My fail safe fashion rule when wearing a dress, skirt, or non blue jean bottoms is grab a denim jacket. Now this may not work for everyone, but my style is very rustic boho so denim jackets are appropriate for most of my outfits. In the fall a denim (or leather) jacket doesn’t always do the trick and that’s where the ponchos come in. Adding a poncho over a jacket means your mixing texture, color, and style which adds depth and intrigue to any outfit.


And to end this fall favorites segment here’s three favorites in one. Fall perfection if I do say so myself!


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