Accentuate the Positives

So the colder weather has had me glued to Netflix a little more than usual lately, and I’ve been binge watching ‘What Not to Wear’ like it’s my job. This makeover show has always held my attention more than others because Stacey and Clinton make it their job to help women throw away their old perceptions of themselves ,and realize their beauty inside and out. They’re sarcastic and have no filter but at the end of the show the woman always leave realizing fashion is there to showcase your inner beauty just as much as your outer beauty–it’s all about learning how to do that.

With that being said one of the golden rules they preach is to always emphasize the smallest part of your waist, whether it’s right under your bust or at your belly button. By emphasizing this part of your body you do a few things: highlight the curves you didn’t even know you had, elongate your legs making you seem taller, and add structure to an outfit to avoid the ‘mumu’ effect.

So how does one emphasize one’s waist? Add some pep, wrap it up, and belt it! And if that isn’t explanation enough I’ll throw in some pictures for good measure.

Add Some Pep


When I say pep I actually am referring to the curve accentuating style known as Peplum: a cropped over-skirt extending from a waist seam on a top, skirt, or dress. The beauty of the Peplum style is that the waist seam generally falls around the smallest part of your waist and the accompanying over skirt falls out giving the illusion that your hips are curving out. That illusion right there is one of an hour glass and as you can see in the photo above it elongates your legs and makes the boxiest of figures shapely. So by all means ladies…go get some pep!

Wrap It Up

wrap dress

Wrapping is no longer an activity you only save for Christmas and birthdays when you adopt the timeless style of a wrap dress made popular by Diane Von Fürstenberg. This style is flattering on almost any frame because the combination of a v-neckline and wrap around closure bring all attention to your waist. The model in the photo most likely is smallest right under her bust, and by wrapping the dress at this point she has succeeded in creating an hour glass figure. Once again by emphasizing the smallest part of the waist a woman’s legs can grow five inches and her curves reveal themselves–the effect is almost better than opening presents Christmas morning.

Belt It


Finally there is the straight forward and effective technique of grabbing a belt and creating the waist definition your top just doesn’t. Adding a belt works for over-sized and form fitting tops depending on the look you’re going for. Today I decided to pair a denim shirt with a pencil skirt, but at first glance something was off so I added a belt. The belt immediately gave me a waistline and created a Peplum effect with the top. The pencil skirt, which looked like a rectangle on my athletic frame, all of sudden seemed to be following the curve of my hips shown off by the flare of the shirt–a miracle! A belt with a form fitting dress would also serve the same purpose of emphasizing the waist, and for good measure you may want to add a Peplum blazer just for the curve of it all.

So next time you’re out shopping grab some of these styles then go look in the mirror and see how gorgeous you are! It might take a bunch of no’s before you find a yes, but persevere! When you accentuate the positives with these styles you’ll find your list of negatives is non-existent letting you focus on other things like ruling the world…you go girl!


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