Recently a friend bought a new pair of booties, but was at a lost on how to style them so she asked for my help. Booties are my go to shoe so I styled them with three different bottoms to show that they are both chic and versatile.

                                      paisley bootie cheetahbf prairie bootie

For the first look I paired a suede, western inspired booty with some skinny jeans, and an over-sized button down.  When wearing booties and jeans I always cuff the jeans so the bottom of the cuff meets the top of the bootie. By doing this I get rid of any bunching around the ankles, and I showcase the bootie! I chose a skinnier cuff so as not to overwhelm the buckle detail on the bootie; however, with a plain bootie a wider cuff could work. Here’s a closer look:

country booties

For the next look I grabbed my favorite pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and paired them with a flat, leopard print bootie. Boyfriend jeans and booties should always be best friends because booties take the jeans from grunge to edgy in an instant. As you can see I used a wider cuff that sets on top of the bootie, but if you have a wider leg opening you could easily cuff the jean so it still covers the top of the bootie. Here’s a closer look:

cheetah booties

The final look shows the versatility of booties and how they can easily be worn with a skirt or a dress. What I love about this look is juxtaposition of the rocker-esque boots and feminine skirt. By pairing booties with a skirt or dress you can completely change the mood of your outfit, not to mention the heel on the boots elongates your legs! This look also helps transition your beloved summer dresses into fall staples with the additional help of a jacket, scarf, or tights.

skirt boots

As fall weather creeps up on us I encourage you to pull out your booties or invest in a quality leather pair and start pairing them with different outfits in your closet. Try cuffing your jeans different ways, dressing them up or down, and even pairing them with your favorite comfy leggings and sweater look to see how they quickly turn comfy to fashionably disheveled. And if you find yourself getting addicted and buying multiple pairs don’t worry…it’s in the name of fashion!





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