Dreams Are Coming True

Vintage InventoryFive years ago I was choosing where to go to college, and what exactly I wanted to go for.  A year and a half ago I was graduating with two degrees in Fashion Merchandising and Management from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and SUNY Oneonta. A year ago I was a visual merchandiser in New York City at one of West Elm’s highest traffic stores in Chelsea. Eight months ago I packed up all my belongings, said goodbye to my friends, and made the eight hour trip back to Buffalo.  Two weeks ago I quit my full time job in pursuit of my dream that started my journey five years ago. Five minutes ago I was taking a photo of my growing vintage collection to write the first post on the blog that signifies the beginning of my career as an entrepreneur.  And right now I’m incredibly happy to be sharing with you that after five years of hard work and a lot of amazing career experiences, I am finally going to be opening an online vintage clothing shop! The details are slowly coming together (business cards, back drops, inventory,) and I invite you to keep checking in for the launch of my Etsy Store, announcements about styling services, and more posts about my journey in the world of entrepreneurship—-STAY TUNED!


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